Sep 10, 2010

It's FNO!!

Officially launched yesterday (according to my time) and I know how everyone's been buzzing like bees. Most down-to-earth fashion event where everyone can join. And as I'm typing there's roughly 12 hours left before the party's over. Don't forget to go check the places out. So what's the deal? Guests can buy designer clothes right after the show; no more 6-month waiting! This is Anna Wintour's idea to help stimulate fashion economy that even people who aren't into fashion can excuse themselves to buy designer clothes. Go get some fun before the event's over. If you want to know what's going on in real-time, check CBS or follow the official twitter chanel. Let me know if you've bought something.

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Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.