Sep 16, 2010

Teenage mood..

Well mainstream music is not my thing but this time I fell completely in love with Katy Perry (after watching x-factor x-rated lifesaver clip yeah!). So I youtubed her and listened to her single: "Teenage Dream". Gotta say, the male protagonist is smokin' hot (she does know her stuff).

So I did a mood board out of this inspiration. The theme is as the title implies; teenage dream - I think everyone's got one every once in a while. If life gets too hard it's okay to take a slow walk and just feel the breeze. Go banana, get cranked, drunk, almost sober but never really, hang with friends & wake up late.

I love Charlotte Taylor's debut so it has been my plan to feature her collection in the set. Also the color of my styling was inspired by Vanessa Bruno Fall'10.

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Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.