Oct 31, 2010

Airborne 101

I just had this epiphany when I got this chill while riding to my routine sewing session. Then I realize Bangkok wasn't this cold early time of month. So I never bother with thick fabrics but now come to think of it, there's been a huge push onto aviator jackets and hence they're resurrected. I have been witnessing bloggers wearing it again (after having tucked them away for couple of years). Others find way to catch up with trend on vintage finds - faux fur for $4.7 (what?!!) for instance.

Here's the concept: 'layer on layer styling'. I needed something ruffling inside thicker fabric to balance out that concrete look an aviator jacket projects. Never would have a chance to wear this in Thailand of course but hey, can't say it wasn't fun.

If you guys do find that vintage sells I talked about, don't forget to give me a heads-up.

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Oct 30, 2010

Koi Suwannagate

Looks like the excitement of Fashion Night Out hasn’t only sparkled the economy of fashion in just one specific region but worldwide, yes I’m talking about Bangkok International Fashion Week [BIFW].

Koi Suwannagate is an international-based Thai designer whose works are recognized in Hollywood. Her signature includes hand-dyed knitted flowers. The concept here is a redefined capsule collection using light fabric - organza is suitable for humid tropical city such as ours.

More runway photos at my facebook here.

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Oct 26, 2010

God Saves Good Sound

If you're feeling the vibe like: everyone wants to be a boy you would be a girl or everybody vouches for bisexuality you would emerge your androgynous. Nonetheless, the point is if you can't conform to norm and always feel the contrary you might want to check CMJ.

I'm actually hyping to 'Fashion Party ft. Chairlift by Das Racist'. Good sound, good sound.

Thanks to the Contributor Editor for distributing lots of good sound which you can DOWNLOAD here. Remember if you like the musicians, do buy or attend their show. Peace.

Have you checked out our fellow fashion blogger's first giveaway on Lanvin shoes, Reiss dress and Nine West clutch? Feel free to participate at his gorgeous blog HERE.

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Oct 25, 2010

Wishlist #2

I know it has been weeks from my first Wishlist but life's got to move on. More inspiration - more life fulfilled.

  1. Acne Davi - a pair of tampered trousers that would look just fine with either wedges or boots. The trousers sure would elongate those legs. Upper loose silhouette for comfort. What not to love? :D

  2. Acne Admire wedges - cutting edge design and tender with feet. A definition of heels-over-head. How comfy? Ask Sandra [5inchandup].

  3. Pamela Love collection - the quartz crystal python necklace. How sly, she completes my wildest dream.

  4. Pamela Love & Jordan Sullivan - home decor is 'amaaazing'. Starting with their collection of accessories I could dive in. One look and you're Alice in Wonderland.

  5. Ann Demeulemeester leather mini skirt - I need one to pair with my military tee, tights and buckle boots.

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Oct 24, 2010

This Time for Monosodium

The designer of Monosodium (Surasavadee Oung-Prasertporn) used our editorial for handouts given to those who attended her fashion show at Thailand Fashion Expo 2010. Excited? You bet :D Big thanks to those names above who helped materialized my crazy idea.

Check our October Issue to view the whole shoots.

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Today I'm bring you another opportunity to gain exposure to your blog! Simply visit El'Aundra Feature Followers Pt. 2 here and fill out the form that suits your blog content best; from makeup/beauty, fashion, design, personal touch to health & fitness. Simply as that. And if chosen you'll be featuring on her website!


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Oct 21, 2010

K & I - I

I did a quick tour to Siam Paragon to attend one of the most talented Thai designers known as K & I. She's unbelievably young for her current social status - I mean, to perceive such market needs and not to be influenced by 'alter ego' is something. I know, sounds like a big supporter but I really am impressed by her collection.

Attending K&I Show today. Yosawadee & Mob.F tomorrow

I have to excuse my poor images though, there's a good reason for the wacky incident though. The lens is detached so I couldn't adjust F-stop any higher than 3.5 - meaning I'm left with speed shutter as an option. But taking pictures in dark space requires slower speed shutter if I'm gonna shoot with low F-stop. Given that, I had to do panning, not so crisp and clear I know. But hey, I'm so in love with the soundtrack and waiting for tech-guy to pull the video. I plan to post this collection again with clearer pictures & video so you guys can see them in movement :)

The designer I had recently worked with just called. She's having her runway tomorrow and good news is: she used our editorials for flyers with credits given to everyone who worked on that set! I'm becoming 'someone' bit by bit lol

By the way you can check K&I blog at www.kandibkk.blogspot.com (hopefully I get to work on her design one day).

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Oct 20, 2010

Dec Issue Challenge

It’ about time to be creative, here’s a challenge to you. I’ll choose 6 bloggers to feature in my magazine where each of you will have to answer 3 quirky questions (sometimes you’ll be asked to take a snapshot of yourself so be prepared!). Once chosen I’ll have you written down 3 questions you want to ask another bloggers – yes, be as whimsical as it gets! Once those questions come down to an agreeable term, meaning no misdeeds or porno incentives; this is to cover your and my derrière [ass], each chosen bloggers will get 3 questions picked out of random.

Let’s get interactive!

Simply write me a 140-character self-introduction - something that would pique my curiosity to get to know more of 'you'. Six quirkiest bloggers will hop in my December Issue.

Challenge ends November 7th.

To help spread the news simply copy & paste the following code:

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Oct 19, 2010

Nile is miles away

I forgot to mention when I posted my Wishlist that I'm also inspired by Nicole's gold polished fingers. Apparently I've been seeing a lot of gold lately. I never taught the color would suit me but the result came out somewhat satisfiable.

I feel more feminine; a Cleopatra reminiscent. Speaking of which, did you know that they made her majesty eyeshadow out of crocodile waste? Extravagantly creative for a 2,000-year old R&D team. Heck, that's a long time.

Somebody remind me to pick up BIFW [Bangkok International Fashion Week] tickets tomorrow please. Albeit we have a strange way of rearrangements but regardless, fashion week is here - meaning more photos on the way. Am I excited? You bet.

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Oct 18, 2010

Coco & Zaahb

I was featured as 'Reader of the Week' by Coco & Zaahb for this week! This is a great gift for my initial e-mag launch - so thank you guys. Check their blog out here, they're fully loaded with beautiful photos including candids, accessories and a bunch. Click click.

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Oct 17, 2010

Thrift the Ripper

I went to my Sundays sewing session but sorry guys, no photos. Did you know the weather kinda went crazy all over? Not just here but everywhere. Couple days back it was raining 24-hour non-stop. It's just irritating to plod in mud and somewhat rocky pavement. You won't believe how far out of town this place is. Will show you pictures next time promise!

Onto my innate urges...

I've been thrift shopping a lot lately. Got most my precious vintage items from this shop and trust me when I say 'precious' because it means the shop is heavily loaded with vintage shoes and best of all at affordable price. I've bought two pairs this week. Sharing with you guys are my ankle boots which I wore in this shoot. I'm keeping another pair as a tease for now.

Also bought a new sleeveless cardigan for layering which I think is suitable for fall in Thailand. It's getting cold but never quite there.

Chaps cardigan

Is it just me or other people also mix their previous clothes that meant to be used on Blog/Chitopia/Lookbook with other layerings?

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Oct 15, 2010


At 2.48s what shade of lipstick is Chelsey wearing?

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Vol. 001

You know what, it feels so good to be able to do what I love to do. I like fashion and I'm compelled to share by making it real. While making magazine I get to stretch myself out more; from making connections to executing photoshoot like a real fashion editor does. It's fatigue but fun. What do I get out of it: my online portfolio, experiences and duty to be responsible for 'cause it's not just me any more.

Almost Sober Vol.01 - Earth Was A Safer Place Caption reads:

Issue 01: Earth Was A Safer Place. Inspiration for SS'2011 - Interpretation of colors and source of inspiration. Interview with Tricia Gosingtian; fashion photographer and blogger from Philipines. Emerging Thai designers: Monosodium & Adamo.

Until I get my website done this is my unofficial official distribution channel. You can also 'like' my facebook fan page to update via feed subscription I have hooked up. It's 5/5 however you roll. Hope you enjoy reading it fellows.

PS. Let me know if you feel like contributing. You know how to contact me.


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Oct 14, 2010


Wishlist for this Fall

I've seen many bloggers do this so I decided it's time I share something of my own ((smirks)). Harajuku/Shibuya streetwear has always been summat tantalizing - free of rules, excluded from western influences that no one seems to conform.

  1. Japanese-inspired kimono dress: not something I'm looking forward to buy but something I'd make myself. DIY can be the most mesmerizing thing us fellow bloggers can share. I want on my own wardrobe to imply my individuality. I can wear it 366-day no sweat as long as it feels like "me".

  2. Nicole's rings: I want them both! Just the minute I saw it I know I'm compelled, twisted, love-blinded.. Yes, been there. I'm a huge fan of caffein that if it were serious I would have to get a rehab. But then again, shopping is cheaper than therapist.

  3. ASOS ring: beautiful and unique. (I need to suppress my shopping urges.)

  4. Alexander Wang Rocco leather studded: saving. I'm a slave for leather wear and not Britney-ish either.

  5. Alexander Wang Freja tall boot: not necessarily needed be from our lovely Wang but what I love is the style combination of ankle lace-up and tall boot.

  6. Tattoo: I'm looking forward to getting one of my own, smaller ones below my belly and upper arms. Not sometimes soon but I'd love to get them. :)

Almost forgot, my first e-magazine is being launched tomorrow. I'll see you soon?


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Oct 12, 2010

New song unsung

Sound sets the mood.

It's been a while since I post my look. There's no excuse for my procrastination. For newers who just discover my blog: just so you know I do a lot of thrift-hunt. My plan of past weekend was to get my website done (1) and secondly to craft my skill in sewing (see previous post). Have a leap of faith, no? Pragmatism is a quality of go-getter non-quitter; like a song unsung - act now or get nowhere. Even if you fail you'd fail amongst the things you love.

Cherry Princess cropped suit, Chaps sleeveless top, Ankle booties from thrift shop. Mafia brass ring.

I've just created a facebook fan page since it'll be more convenient for a peer-to-peer (psp) conversation, in case you want to exchange thoughts or simply chat me up.

See my photographer here.

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Oct 10, 2010

First touch is the roughest.

My first sewing session started today – not exactly your glamorous picturesque you see in Dolce & Gabbana sartorialita. But then again, all basics might be as well learnt from seamstresses who actually work in the industry. Fashion is a mixture of trend forecasting and merchandising; one that reforms great formula of sewing skills with craftsmanship to construct contemporary wear. Just like a son of business owner who has to learn his way up in his career path to make a perfect figure of businessman.

First touch is the roughest. Hands-on experience with industrial sewing machine. Average finished time by experienced seamstress equals to 5 mins.

All of us must sew these paper 10 times.

Second pattern.

See the difference that determines 'price' factor?

Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day – industrial sewing session now, leather bag later. The difference between fashion sewing classes and industrial sewing classes is determined by the perfection of finished products but both is applicable to one another if you know what you’re doing. One way or another, hands-on experience is the most optimal approach. In this session, 80% of my time will be consumed with me sitting in front of industrial sewing machine. Sacrifice that perfectly balances out.

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Oct 6, 2010

The Will of McQueen

Photo courtesy of Vogue.com

Paris is all about inspirations. If you ask me I think this is the most optimal commemoration to Alexander McQueen's anniversary. Sarah Burton added what seems subliminal to previous collection with a sense of woman's touch, thus enriched the sense of feminism to utmost fanatical. You don't have to agree with me but I think she did an over-zealous job with SS 2011 collection.

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Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.