Nov 28, 2010

Bangkok International Fashion Week

At this point I’m quite certain it’s safe to assume that October is the happiest month in Thailand for fashion lovers and industrial relevant people since it is this month where we get to see upcoming new wave of designers, including those who were approvingly successful abroad. From Pathumwan intersection down to Ratchaprasong area sure is a must-go shopping destination. Other than being a key business road, shoppers can also find a broad range of garment from street fashion up to haute couture design from house of Yoswadee.

Senada Autumn/Winter

K and I Autumn/Winter, high street design from KAI Boutique

But this week is different: I can dwell into the touch of high quality fabrics ruffling swaggeringly as models strutted down to the rhythm which makes you want to bring out your best-est choreography. You’re not alone. If there’d be a non-nonchalant fact about the festive it is how accessible ordinary shoppers can also enjoy the show as tickets were willingly handed out nearby.

To personal touch with fashion industry, it is not exaggerating to say: Thailand has potential to become the hub of fashion in designated demographic region; specifically Southeast Asia. Onto business side of the story, Thailand has full-cycle: from industrial manufacturers down to handling fashion events. Fresh eye also plays vital role to penetrating international markets. We have consumed clothing lines from American/European continent – there shouldn’t be objections why Asian styles will not make a break-through.

Bangkok International Fashion Week [BIFW] was actually part of a bigger jigsaw called Bangkok Fashion City project which yields 300 events per year to thrive the industry. Earlier week were held: Elle Fashion Week and Thailand Fashion Expo (in joint with the Ministry of Commerce). During the collaboration, more than 10 million dollars were generated from this fast-paced business. Luckily for the whole market, the MOC understood the needs to help push fashion business and executed so with nation-wide advertisement. But was it sufficient? Fashion vibes faded from Thailand a while back, but today number of aspiring youngster are intangible and growing. What lacks here is financial education and capital support – help new comers understand the importance of financial backup or help meet investors.

Photo courtesy of
Taken from Dec Issue 2010
Story by: Sirapha Chalermverapong

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Nov 26, 2010

Bangkok FNO

With young designer Sutida Apichokejaroenchai

Actually the title says differently: Siam Center on Third Fashion Bazaar Party. Before I pique any more of your curiosity, the event takes place in the department. The entire floor is a home to designers' flagship stores. The concept is to habituate the concept of Fashion Night Out where we get to enjoy up to 30% discount.

I was also given an opportunity to help decorate SENADA flagship for this special FNO! The only thing I missed was that big chocolate cake sitting the middle of the room.

On the right: Chanita Preechawitayakul, creative director of SENADA

Model Nuch Neeranart

More coming up with video, stay tuned!

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Nov 25, 2010

Pamela Spring Collection

Ethnic-trashy fashion in the loop, Pamela's killing me with her vibe and not that softly either.


Check her online retail at

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Nov 20, 2010

Wishlist #3

Wishlist #3 - I'm having an expensive Christmas! I've been a big fan of maxi dress lately. Before fashion I always thought I was a maximalist and tended to buy everything sighted as dashing without thinking about my body silhouette or being empowered by costume. Amanda Brooks suggested that..

one should try to experiment on ranges of style and be courageous. For example there are more to just being 'classic'; there are French classic, Hollywood classic and so on. There are fun in every style, even in being a minimalist. If you know your body proportion and what flatters your body, even basics can spice up your style rather than predictable American apparels.

  • Pixie Market

    maxi dress and lace dress: a beautiful maxi dress, great for layer on layer styling. I can layer it with my knitted outerwear on cold days or belt my waist and go with platformed wedges sandals on sunny days.

  • Jeffrey Campbell

    Lita fur - sold out at many online retailer but still on my wishlist. Seen worn by many bloggers so I bet they're comfy.

  • Anarchy Street

    winged cage armor ring - definitely getting one. I just ordered a claw necklace from Fashionology, still waiting for incoming package, big grin.

  • Nikita's ring

    give me a nudge when you see one available online!

  • Topshop

    maxi dress - pricey but love the combination of side pockets and back design. Silhouette would flatter by curveless body type.

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World's Notorious Beauty

The above editorial kills me, literally dead! She's my favorite utilitarian in-and-outside movies. Believe me I've seen many women had their back tattooed just Jolie's - same artist to some (she had it done here in Thailand).

The woman is sexy without trying. Honestly, how many times you've seen ones manage to pull it like Jolie does? To me that sexy hourglass shape allows her minimalism to maximal extent.

“I like to get up so every pair of pants goes with every top, every dress goes with every shoe."

You know, they [researchers] say people with tattoos have had a rough childhood. And inking is just a way to express their stories. I'm getting one for myself but unless I find what I have to say I probably won't get it. Tattoo has to have subliminal meaning to me. Her tattoos won't mean much to me because they don't tell my story. But still, I find women with tattoo very sexy.

So yes she's my role model. Confident, calm, practical and a working woman. Screw the tabloids. Read Vogue's article on Jolie here.

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Nov 19, 2010

Links à la Mode: November 18th Roundup

My inclusion in IFB Weekly Roundup: avid community for fashion bloggers.

links a la mode

When fashion teaches you a lesson

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

As fashion bloggers, we are often the ones sharing and giving advice about fashion. But what happens when fashion turns the table on us and teaches us a lesson or two? From learning how to be thrifty, coping through a crisis, or the economy, these fashion bloggers took a cue from fashion's lessons and turned them into a delicious and delectable read- and I have rounded these up for you...

Links à la Mode: November 18th

  • Almost Sober Mag: Pull It, Push It and Come Back When You Proved It: Direct experience from a newly established independent publisher: a week as a fashion editor.
  • Beyond Fabric: On the relation between Body Language and Fashion Photography
  • Dedicated Follower: To Write Love on Her Arms - I join the movement and write love on my arms in honor of a lost friend.
  • Exiled from the City: Throughout the past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer variables and the function of fashion.
  • For those about to Shop: Society must take some responsibility for the dangerous obsession to be thin.
  • Freeda Style: "Appropriate Attire" Are ALL the old rules of fashion dead? Or should some survive?
  • Haute World: Grace Kelly Exhibition: How a royal style icon can teach us a lesson in thriftiness.
  • Heathers Design Blog: Musings on fashion now and fashion then, based on the exhibit "Fashioning Fashion" at LACMA.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Self-Promotion 101: It's not about you
  • LivLux Mag: ComfortZones: Even Fashionistas get insecure when trying new styles.
  • Make the World a Prettier Place: History of Fashion: The New Look (1947)
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy: I've read some negative comments about the 30 for 30 challenge, and wanted to explain more of what it is and why people should care about it, from my POV.
  • Modesty Theory: Welcome to Hijabi Fashion Week- showcasing the style of Muslim women for various occasions.
  • Oh My Massila: Reflections on the crossroads between fashion and feminism.
  • Previously Owned: The tale of the "00s" Vintage and the mockery of the consumer... Are we becoming victims of the mass media?
  • RetroChick: Why Fashion isn't Frivolous
  • Return to Sender: Sometimes life gets in the way of fashion. How I Survive A Crisis
  • Searching for Style: Fashion 101: Who Owns What. The lowdown on the big fashion conglomerates and the companies they own.
  • Socialite Dreams: Sparkly, glam shoes are a must have for the holidays! Twinkle Toes: The Holiday Shoe Guide
  • Taste and Style: Keep Being YOU.
  • The Curvy Fashionista: How to determine quality in plus size fashion

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    Nov 17, 2010

    It's not up to us to judge

    I've said it but with Karl Lagerfeld saying is just like a reassurance: you have to be interested in what's going on, always be informed. Technology is one thing, high fashion is also one thing. With technology, fashion has become more accessible. People love the trend, it drives the economy. What's intrigues my curiosity is Mr. Ford's sense of privacy of the exclusivity - about how internet eats up images before they can be bought. Onto my harmless question, aren't those factors which stimulate the urges to shop or this subliminal message just indicates that fashion should has a certain level of accessibility?

    Some interesting quote from Karl Lagerfeld himself:

    Fashion does not have to prove that it is serious. It is the proof that intelligent frivolity can be something creative and positive.

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    Nov 15, 2010

    Saturday: behind the scenes photoshoot

    Nine West lace clutch, Chap tank top, vintage knit wear, imported high thigh boots

    These shots were taken a day before the photoshoot. It's also the day I received this lovely Nine West lace clutch from Leon (iUnderEye) via FedEx. I just couldn't resist to use it right away! Below is a series of behind the scene shots from JJ Wright - our photographer on Saturday shoot.

    Getting ready for the shoots. I forgot to fetch polaroid shot from JJ.

    Tweeting updates!

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    Nov 13, 2010

    With Alien Kanyanat

    Photoshoot was a success! :D I should have recorded everything from outfit #1 down to the last garment. Unfortunately, I was on the phone with everyone almost all the time and the showroom is located outskirt of Bangkok - a confusing route to get by. I'm glad the photoshoot was a success. Biggest thanks to: JJ Wright, Alien Kanyanat Bamrungphong, Prachaya Krajangrat, Parkorn Mairaing, Benjamas Puttiwongsasoontorn, Bunka, Adamo and my oldest friend Kotchaporn for letting us use Stil's showroom on weekend.

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    Nov 12, 2010

    pull it, push it and come back when you proved it

    Some of you guys might notice that I've been busy working on an editorial. I had 1 week to prepare everything from laying out concepts, getting designers garments, contact model/makeup artist, find location and it was a super rush, super tight schedule. So one week, with limited budget.

    Tip #1: get to the location yourself or get them to take photos for the prep. I learned this the hard way - when I had to change the location one day before the shoot, so you don't have to.

    sneak peak of designer's garments

    Expect changes (lots of changes). 99.99% of the time things don't go according to plan so be anticipative and have a plan b, c and so forth. This is no joke, I had makeup artist/cameraman calling in about rescheduling a night before the shoot. 2 days earlier the agency rescheduled my model's flight so she had to fly out sooner than expected. Tip #2: be anticipative and expect to manage a certain level of damage control.

    At the end of the day you've given out all your best-est but there will be disrespectful people who just won't recognize your hard work. This is an outside factor - there's nothing controllable about it. So pad yourself in the back and move on. I was praised: "worst organization ever" after being in the middle of the a hobo fight and trapped inside that bus the gang was on when I was on my way to go see the first location myself.

    Tip #3: get help! Seriously, you can't do everything by yourself. I won't do it again if I have to go through it alone. It's drainage and SAP-ish. So go get help from your fellow workmanship.

    I hope these tips help one way or another.

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    How to Spell Gabbana?

    Showing is footage from D&G SS'11 on - a focus on fashion luxury brands and hereinafter the "Network Dolce & Gabbana". If there are any designers thinking technology-forward it's D&G. Stefano Gabbana, so far, has 55,449 followers. So what is this number stating? Current research reviews..

    ..that a personalized customer relationship is the most crucial ingredient in today's business. Leave alone the exponential growing number of bloggers these days for high street brands such as H&M, TopShop, Forever21, Zara, Mango already have their own charm. But how do high-end fashion like D&G sustain its market share? Secret is networking babe. Personalized relationship. Getting the vibe? Follow @stefanogabbana, @MarcJacobsInt. If you want something more of a glamorous side, give it up for Victoria's angels: @iza_goulart, @MsSelitaEbanks, @BeePrinsloo, last but not least @AngelAlessandra. By the way, since September Issue was such a hit, hear me out on this: duo [DG] should make a movie. I even name it for you, "How to Spell Gabbana?" featuring lives in fashion industry and people working in it. Additional footage from festives and more - 'more is more'! This would be a blast.

    Dang, I wish Karl tweets more - I love reading his quotes.

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    Nov 10, 2010

    H&M called it in for Anna

    Footage of Anna Dello Russo for H&M on exclusive samples. She posted this one Nov 3rd so must have been days before bloggers started receiving invitations and sample dresses. Still! The idea is so forward and personalized. I've never seen any other business so personalized as in our world - well except direct sales anyway. Oh, as heard from Anna, there will be an haute couture fashion show by Lanvin for H&M. The drill is: everybody can buy the customized pieces, damn I wish I live in NY, Milan, Paris, all 3-1.

    First thought about Anna..

    is what a crazy old woman. But lesson learnt: "never judge a book by its cover." Anna Dello Russo started collection her today's extravagant collection since 15. Now she stores them in all places she goes. Truth is she never wears the same outfit from previous season. Too much you think? You're right. Except that each and every piece of her garments goes to fashion historians; so they can learn about fashion in our time.

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    Nov 8, 2010

    maxi merci

    I've been on phone all day collaborating between designers and fashion academy. This is a fun shot we took at local icecream shop :D

    DIY tee, Striped Collection maxi skirt, vintage staple ankle boot, Mafia ring

    I had no choice but to wear contact lens. Eye glasses happen to be very uncomfortable for travel - hopefully I'd get used to it soon. Follow-up about my eyes in 2 weeks. I'm loving this Visidic eye gel already.

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    Leather Biker Jacket Needed

    I'm pretty sure some of you have watched Fringe. I'm putting a couple of screenshots of Olivia wearing this leather biker jacket. Body fitted but I'm also seeing a thin knitted collar so I'm thinking, "hey, this'd look good with long maxi skirt and I don't have one of these!"

    I've actually tried TopShop's biker jacket and it fits me just wonderfully. But I don't have a big spender plan on my mind right now so I'm thinking in terms of thrift shop or vintage store. Forever 21 has a pretty decent price too. I love the exclusive design of bomber jacket from Urban Outfitter but I'm not sure how fit it is especially in the back. So which one is most resemblance to Olivia's? A little bit of all combined I think.

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    Nov 4, 2010

    Work is in the air

    The more you stray away from your comfort zone, the more you open yourself to opportunities and a chance to learn. The past week has been extravagantly crazy for me; new people new community. I haven't moved anywhere, just me projecting myself onto new environment (almost new culture). People from places who have also taught me about life. What I lack, I'm gaining it back, bit by bit.

    By the way, I've stumbled upon this great blogger site and guess what I found, she's selling Alexander Mcqueen style opened toe boots at $80.

    Hey I'm just a messenger. Visit here.

    Lanvin for H&M collection is due to be out soon, Nov 23rd if I'm right. You guys see anything you like?

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    Nov 3, 2010

    Shoes are girl's best friend

    Despite the fact that I'm having visionary blurred condition, I've managed to take some photos of the shoes I bought yesterday. Thanks to the lady [shop owner] for putting my goods on hold - her items are sold out fast! Enough that all the goodies I saw were gone for good.

    vintage buckle strapped ankle boots, vintage sandal heels

    The buckle strapped ankle booties are incredibly cozy. They're actually a 1/2 size larger than my feet; plenty of room of movement. And what an unexpected soft platforms. The sandal heels instead, are half size smaller - everything fits like a second skin. I have to admit they look better being worn. A shot with them next time then.

    I seriously need something for the astigmatism. Toric contact lens might be a good choice but that would cost $133 each year ($60/month). If left unattended I'll be getting headache, plus blurry vision. So please excuse me if I don't respond right away - can't stare at computer screen consecutively. Make note, I read every comments and appreciate the lot. xox

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    vol.ii trigger fullscreen to read online

    Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.