Nov 10, 2010

H&M called it in for Anna

Footage of Anna Dello Russo for H&M on exclusive samples. She posted this one Nov 3rd so must have been days before bloggers started receiving invitations and sample dresses. Still! The idea is so forward and personalized. I've never seen any other business so personalized as in our world - well except direct sales anyway. Oh, as heard from Anna, there will be an haute couture fashion show by Lanvin for H&M. The drill is: everybody can buy the customized pieces, damn I wish I live in NY, Milan, Paris, all 3-1.

First thought about Anna..

is what a crazy old woman. But lesson learnt: "never judge a book by its cover." Anna Dello Russo started collection her today's extravagant collection since 15. Now she stores them in all places she goes. Truth is she never wears the same outfit from previous season. Too much you think? You're right. Except that each and every piece of her garments goes to fashion historians; so they can learn about fashion in our time.

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Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.