Nov 28, 2010

Bangkok International Fashion Week

At this point I’m quite certain it’s safe to assume that October is the happiest month in Thailand for fashion lovers and industrial relevant people since it is this month where we get to see upcoming new wave of designers, including those who were approvingly successful abroad. From Pathumwan intersection down to Ratchaprasong area sure is a must-go shopping destination. Other than being a key business road, shoppers can also find a broad range of garment from street fashion up to haute couture design from house of Yoswadee.

Senada Autumn/Winter

K and I Autumn/Winter, high street design from KAI Boutique

But this week is different: I can dwell into the touch of high quality fabrics ruffling swaggeringly as models strutted down to the rhythm which makes you want to bring out your best-est choreography. You’re not alone. If there’d be a non-nonchalant fact about the festive it is how accessible ordinary shoppers can also enjoy the show as tickets were willingly handed out nearby.

To personal touch with fashion industry, it is not exaggerating to say: Thailand has potential to become the hub of fashion in designated demographic region; specifically Southeast Asia. Onto business side of the story, Thailand has full-cycle: from industrial manufacturers down to handling fashion events. Fresh eye also plays vital role to penetrating international markets. We have consumed clothing lines from American/European continent – there shouldn’t be objections why Asian styles will not make a break-through.

Bangkok International Fashion Week [BIFW] was actually part of a bigger jigsaw called Bangkok Fashion City project which yields 300 events per year to thrive the industry. Earlier week were held: Elle Fashion Week and Thailand Fashion Expo (in joint with the Ministry of Commerce). During the collaboration, more than 10 million dollars were generated from this fast-paced business. Luckily for the whole market, the MOC understood the needs to help push fashion business and executed so with nation-wide advertisement. But was it sufficient? Fashion vibes faded from Thailand a while back, but today number of aspiring youngster are intangible and growing. What lacks here is financial education and capital support – help new comers understand the importance of financial backup or help meet investors.

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Taken from Dec Issue 2010
Story by: Sirapha Chalermverapong

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Vol.02 - Alien Abduction. Cover model: Kanyanat Bamrungphong. SANABRA: uprising fashion designers from Italy. EAST MEETS WEST: From Bangkok to Portland Fashion Week 2010.